Re: [rumori] So whatchall think of phat beats?

Nicola Battista (
Sun, 11 Jul 1999 17:12:29 +0200

hehe. This is definitely a thread for me. ;)
(hey Mr.Mofo!!! I'm back and I gotta mail you in private) :)

>To me it seems there's a pretty wide range of what people on this list are
>into or are creating. If I'm not mistaken, Nicola does dance-oriented dj
>type stuff

wrong. ;) Or at least not entirely exact. Sometimes I do dance-oriented
stuff, most of the times not. I mean, you are free to dance to it and I'd
love to dance to that type of music, but it's a lot different from the
usual eurodisco crappy stuff ;)
I actually like the idea of being able to do every style of music.
Technology helps me making my ideas come true... so why should I self-limit
my music to one style?
(oh, I don't think I'm some kind of musical genius - I just try doing
different things. Have you ever listened to one of those Moby albums
containing two commercial dance tracks, a couple of punk/rock numbers and
some moody soundtrack type of tracks? That's probably my ideal).
I am currently uploading mp3s and making cd-r copies of an album that
should have been out at least one years ago. It's Raumizio Lorri Noize Duo
album, and it's mostly me stealing every possible sound source in the
universe (from Fidel Castro to Julio Iglesias, from Duke Ellington to trash
metal) while my friend Shadrach plays effected violin... In this case I
think I am closer to Vicki Bennett than to Armand Van Helden. ;))))

(gratuitous plug: ...on this
page there is a very little selection of some things I do... and I don't
think you can dance to track 1) ;)

(gratuitous plug 2: ...if you
listen to the real audio stuff, most of the backing tracks are mine and on
"Amianto" I'm also rapping and singing; I think they would kill me if I
tried doing this stuff in an italian disco...) ;)))

>Dan Serkland's stuff has beats

but you must admit the most interesting bits on his tape are those hypnotic
classical music loops... :)

>-> One thing that's surprised me a little is just how large of a canyon
>->there is between samplists like the ones on Rumori and DJ-oriented
>->samplists like Kid Koala and QBert/Invisibl Skratch Picklz and so on. They
>->really share a lot between each other, except that the Rumori types
>->probably abhor (kinda) the idea of phat beats, and maybe wearing anything
>again i think you're really jumping to conclusions. I love the Skratch
>Picklz to death.

well - I love Q Bert's Camel Bobsled Race megamix of DJ Shadow's stuff...
but I don't see such a large "canyon" between that kind of stuff and the
so-called "Rumori type" ;)))

>(by the way, Rumori is just Italian for "noise"

"noiseS", actually... it's plural. :)
Noise = Rumore

>which i thought was a good name for a discussion list. )

it is. Curiously now there is an Italian independent music list with the
same name and I think there are some folks who are in both (me included of
course) :)))

Nicola (Dj Batman) Battista

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