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andrea bardelli danieli (
Sat, 18 Dec 1999 20:40:44 +0100

hello people

Steev Hise wrote:
(anki toner)
> ->I try not to let money
> ->issues influence the way I think (which is not the same thing than not
> ->thinking about how money influences us and the way we think).
> this is an interesting piece of potential doublespeak. care to explain?
> perhaps it's just a typo...

i can completely relate to the above.
it's about *trying* not to let money influence the way we think.
i.e. being conscious about money's potential influence on our way of
thinking and trying to fight that: this implies thinking *about* this
potential influence (know the enemy...).

> ->That's what I meant when I said we are discussing the very existence of
> ->corporations.
> We may be getting too far off topic here. But maybe people are interested.
> What do y'all think? speak up if you don't want a discussion about
> corporations.

this kind of discussion would probably bring us to implosion :-)

> Anyway, I'll just say that there are more and more very smart people these
> days who are saying that the biggest problem facing the world right now is
> corporatism.

in this particular case, it's the fact that it's a big corp that pushes
these angry reactions. why this? I think it's because sony pays its past
behaviour and the behaviour of other corporations, be them in the media
field or in other sectors. historically, I mean. there are many examples
of a kind of "appropriation" that wouldn't find many people agreeing on
this list... and that's what the corps have been and are accused of
mainly. sony in this case was confronted with a reaction that is based
on this but also on other corporations' acts, in the past and in the
the fact that they make all the money shouldn't be the main thing, as
anki said. it's more a fact of property than money.
i have problems with the concept of private property, so i'll stop here



  My favorite advocate of this right now is Rtmark, so i would
> direct you to if you havent read their take on things yet.
> Of course there are many other more aboveground figures who are or have
> been taking this stance as well, like Norman Solomon, Noam Chomsky, Ralph
> Nader, etc etc.
> ->>-----------------------------------------------------------------
> ->>"Even though it's true, they shouldn't believe it, because when I
> ->> wrote it, I thought it was a lie."
> ->> -Kenneth J. Schmidt
> ->>-----------------------------------------------------------------
> ->
> ->Funny you used that one.
> my sig quotes are random, therefore i confess both guilt and
> innocence. ;-)
> (btw, that one is from Norman Mailer - back when he wrote a column for the
> Village Voice, this Schmidt guy wrote in to respond to something and
> everyone took his reponse the wrong way. or something like
> that. indeed, a strangely relevant coincidence, no?)
> smh
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