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Rhizome Audio Reviews
This is a list of especially mentionable recent works in audio art or music that makes use of audio appropriation and recycled sound. If you make this kind of work and would like us to review something you've done, contact us.

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A bizarre band from Los Angeles that layer strange electronic noises over groovy retro samples and a twisted surrealism. Produced by the Dust Brothers, on Nickelbag records.
British band that spawned the genre "trip-hop". Their music is an infusion of vinyl records, djs, film noir, and the use of the recording studio as an instrument. Interestingly enough, they seldom actually sample other artists work, especially in their latest, self-titled release. Instead, they record instruments and put them through a variety of processes and effects so that the recording takes on the character of pre-existing music (case in point- most of their songs contain the sound of crackling hissing records in the background).
Cut Chemist
A relatively new DJ from Los Angeles who creates subtle and clever mixtures of old educational and industrial tapes, pop music, and other sources. Appears on the Deep Concentration CD from Om Records. He appears on at least one Future Primitive Sound Session live CD (with DJ Short Kut), and he is a member of the band Jurrasic 5.
DJ Shadow
From the liner notes to his album Endtroducing: "This album reflects a lifetime of vinyl culture. For further research on the evolution of sample-based music, check the innovators:" He goes on to list a huge number of DJs and hip hop producers. Interestingly, the music on the album is obviously not your normal hiphop. It borrows from a lot more than hiphop's usual targets. Even more interesting, as with most pop records that use samples these days, all samples of other music is cited (and presumably, cleared), but the album is also replete with other samples, from films, television, etc. which are not mentioned at all in the notes...
Jos Smolders
Dutch composer of electroacoustic and sampled music, also a writer of several interesting articles including one "The House that Schaeffer Designed".
Invisible Scratchh Picklz
Some of the most amazing hip-hop based turntable manipulations ever. This is actually a band of DJs who all scratch and mix together on stage to form amazing "songs". They include Q-bert, Mixmaster Mike, Shortcut, and A-Track. They have a record out on Asphodel called "Clams of Deth". Q-bert recently (1999) released a solo CD called "Wavetwisters" which is very nice, a sort of science-fiction scratch collage odyssey narrative that is amazingly coherent,
TKDF Audio Collage Radio
Weekly sound collage around a theme, broadcase in Durham, NC.
The Most Wanted Song and the Most Unwanted Song
Painters Komar and Melamid team up with composer David Soldier to create music generated from a survey....
Francis Dhomont, Frankenstein Symphony
A piece built from the works of 22 composers.
Lecture on Nothing
Poppy, funky songs built from a huge variety of samples. Very catchy.
The Bran Flakes
Seattle-based sound-recycling artists. Very interested in audio collaboration, so be sure to contact them if you're similarly inclined.
Press The Button
A band & weekly radio show greatly influenced by Negativland, ECC, EBN, John Oswald, and John Cage. They also have a new CD available.

Have a link or reference to suggest? (add something new, or if you think you can describe something better than how it is done here, write a new blurb and send it in.)

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