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We're getting suggestions for additions to rhizome way faster than we can deal with them. so, while we struggle to find the time to properly categorize them, we often put them here first.

Have a link or reference to suggest? (add something new, or if you think you can describe something better than how it is done here, write a new blurb and send it in.)

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New links submitted by viewers - recent urls brought to our attention. Have one to suggest? (note: we may not have time to write back, but we will probably post your URL if it's relevant.)
Almita's digital gallery
A collection of images digitally collaged from stock photos.
Good Cue Sign
Musiqe Concret audio artist from Columbus.
World Art Party
A democratic coalition of artists dedicated to peaceful art terrorism.
Joey Know
"posturban" digital collage.
Phineas Narco
An occasional co-conspirator with Negativland on the Over The Edge radio show. Interesting found sound essay here.
AVVO Trademark vs Copyright Page
Good legal summary of the difference between these 2 types of intellectual property.
. The page looks like crap, but I just started it. So far I have 2 versions of radiohead songs, a live remix(I did it with 2 cds and 2 cd players and nothing more) of an ani difranco song and an egghead song. Anyway, I am just looking to exchange links, find out info, etc. I am also involved in setting up the Free Music Archive(, an archive of freely distributable music around the net.

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"[A]rt is long, not infinite... One day we will use it up - unless we
		can learn to recycle it like any other finite resource."
		- Spider Robinson, "Melancholy Elephants"

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