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Relevant Happenings and Developments:
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April 1, 2004: is a new collaborative peer-to-peer site designed to stop censorship of music.
March 30, 2004: A new study finds that file sharing is NOT hurting music sales.
March 24, 2004: Joywar: Legal tussles over a painting of a photo evokes grassroots resistance on the net.
February 24, 2004: Free the Grey Album!!
December 8, 2003: Rosa Parks is suing Outkast for violation of trademark and publicity rights.
November 3, 2003: Sample Culture Now is at the Tate Modern.
October 31, 2003: Upload & download free digital files from the trash can of computers...
October 21, 2003: Detritus urges you to sign a petition to delete the FTAA Treaty chapter on intellectual property rights. A chapter on IP rights has no legitimate place in a free trade agreement.
October 18, 2003: Artist David Shapiro presents the installation Consumed, a sort of document of his personal detritus.
October 17, 2003: Nike starts legal action against the European art group 0100101110101101.ORG for trademark infringement in response to the NikeGround project.
October 14, 2003: Take a look at Xerophonics, an album of music made from copy machines.
September 12, 2003: is a wonderful little archive of readymades.
September 10, 2003: 12-year-old girl sued for file-sharing.
August 30, 2003: Eigenradio scientifically recycles internet radio.
August 26, 2003: Negativland pranks Clearchannel.
August 20, 2003: Al Franken sued for trademark infringment by Fox News for using the phrase "fair and balanced."
August 19, 2003: An amazing diagram/collage that "explains" all of
August 1, 2003: Madonna, RIAA Puppet
July 21, 2003: Free Speech For Sale is a new compilation CD of music made from plundered commercials and jingles.
July, 2003: The Illegal Art exhibit is in San Francisco this month. (And be sure to check out the parody/commentary site!)
April 20, 2003: Jump into the open sound pool at Opsound.
March 14, 2003: The League of Infinite Justice brings us a series of sample-based audio pieces dealing with the "War on Terror" and related topics.
March 13, 2003: Download some copyright-free peace posters.
March 4, 2003: In a trademark infringement suit, the Supreme Court Rules Against Victoria's Secret
February 23, 2003: A very intertextual novel is just published, called "Gilligan's Wake"
February 22, 2003: A very special music video by Bush and Blair.
February 20, 2003: Detrivore Steev Hise presents a new corrected Bush speech.
February 19, 2003: 404 Not Found : These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed.
February 14, 2003: Mike Myers makes a deal to do "film sampling"
February 3, 2003: An interview with Kembrew McLeod about free expression and illegal art.
January 21, 2003: Watch the corrected version of George Bush's State of the Union speech.
January 15: The Supreme Court rules on the side of copyright term extensions.
January 15, 2003: An excellent parody of the Apple 'switch' campaign also makes some very valid criticisms of the United States of Amerika.
January 12, 2003: The Electronic Frontier Foundation has issued a report on the consequences of four years under the DMCA.
January 11, 2003: Lawrence Lessig tells us what lawyers can learn from comic books.
January 10, 2003: An interesting text about Algorithmic Noise as Free Culture.
January 7, 2003: The New York Times takes notice of the Illegal Art show.
December 23, 2002: is being shut off from the Internet by Verio, because of an alleged intellectual property violation against Dow Chemical by internet activists the Yes Men Help by making a donatation
December 5, 2002: In Seattle, it's time for ULTRA: The High Noon of Consumer Culture
December 1, 2002: The cost of's bandwidth usage has recently increased significantly. If you'd like to help out, please see our donation page. Thank you!
November 29, 2002: Remember, it's Buy Nothing Day.
November 23, 2002: Recordings and photos are available of the Tonic (NYC) show on November 18 featuring Christian Marclay, Mark Hosler, The ECC and Spin-17.
November 7, 2002: Paste together your own George W. Bush speech online.
November 4, 2002: An Indian songwriter files a lawsuit against recent hip-hop hit single by Truth Hurts, citing cultural imperialism.
October, 2002: Free the Mouse! Eldred v. Ashcroft is before the Supreme Court.
October 21, 2002: U.S. patent stops breast cancer testing in British Columbia.
September 26, 2002: Nicolas Lampert creates some wonderful machine-animal collages
September 21, 2002: The Beastie Boys publicly comment on the James Newton sampling case.
September 17, 2002: Micah Wright brings us some incredible "modern propaganda" posters based on old WWII posters.
September 16, 2002: Record companies' latest brilliant copy protection scheme: glued-shut CD players
September 5, 2002: Duke University receives an anonymous donation of $1 million to fight the recent expansions of copyright law.
September 1, 2002: A new detrivore - Antediluvian Rocking Horse - is located at And, they have a new CD out!
August 28, 2002: Jason Toynbee gives us an excellent essay on authorship and capitalism on the site.
August 15, 2002: An excellent multimedia presentation by Lawrence Lessig about the history of copyright and free culture.
August 8, 2002: An excellent article from the Chronicle Review, "Copyright as Cudgel".
August 4, 2002: David Bollier writes about reclaiming the commons
Jue 24, 2002: John Cage's publishers send an angry letter to musician Mike Batt (of the Wombles, whose motto happens to be "Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish" ) for putting a silent track on his new CD.
June 21: An open letter to Microsoft from a Peruvian Congressman, replying to Microsoft's objection to a Bill in Peru's Congress which would require the government to use non-proprietary software.
June 20, 2002: An online game brought to you by The Electronic Frontier Foundation will teach you about online privacy and copyright issues.
June 9, 2002: A modest proposal to stop copyright infringement forever. Get in line for your new Digital Rights Management Helmet!
June 1, 2002: A Muslim cleric in Egypt issues a Fatwa against piracy.
May 17, 2002: Creative Commons is a non-profit founded on the notion that some people would prefer to share their creative works instead of exercising all of the restrictions of copyright law.
May 5, 2002: The Electronic Frontier Foundation releases a report on the consequences of 3 years under the DMCA.
May 2: MP3s of Steev Hise's "Original" disc is now available here
April 18, 2002: The mind-boggling digital collages of "60 x 1 . com" will amaze you, and confound your browser.
April 13, 2002: Visit, where you can easily tell Congress you don't want the Hollings Digital Copy Protection bill, and learn more about consumer technology rights to fair use.
April 12, 2002: provides an online database of cease-and-desist letters.
April 11, 2002: A heated critique of CD copy-protection.
April 2, 2002: An article about the big "new" trend of collecting found objects.
March 28: Some good thoughts about the whole "bootleg" craze...
March 25: Britney Underground documents the everyday resistanace to Britney Spears marketing on the New York subway.
March 17, 2002: Visit the Department of Recollection and Repair at the American Detritus Institute
March 13: George Monbiot writes in The Guardian about Patent Nonsense
March 5, 2002: An article in The New Scientist about the feasibility of copyleft for other things besides software.
February 12, 2002: A French-Italian Jazz Band is conducting a campaign to give away it's new CD as an anti-copyright statement.
February 8, 2002: Appeals court finds thumbnails of images from another site are fair use, but originals are infringing, including linking and framing. some are saying this spells "the end of linking and framing without permission."
January 25: Nike: jammers jamming the jammers jamming the jammers
January 21, 2002: In London for the last year the big fad has been something called "bootlegs" - underground dance records made by superimposing 2 songs on top of one another. Here is a collection of some of the best of them.
January 20, 2002: Court Okays X-rated Star Wars spoof
January 19, 2002: The Electronic Frontier Foundation has some thoughts about the entertainment industry's efforts to copy-protect digital television.
January 7, 2002: Steal This Essay is an excellent account of the effect that the "digital revolution" has had on intellectual property.
December 28, 2001: Crawl the web for sounds to collage, using Sibling Revelry, a "net-sampling sound toy".
December 18: Get your American Crusade trading cards!
December 5, 2001: There's an amazing machine in New York that makes art out of garbage. The appearance machine.
November 15: New software by The Yes Men lets you automatically parody websites. Detritus hosts a mirror of the download site.
November 14, 2001: The WTO wants to shut down a clever parody site for copyright infringement.
November 8: The story of the Phantom Edit.
November 7, 2001: The BBC wants us to know that even silence can be owned.
November 5: Clean Surface is an archive of modified billboards, recycled posters, and other street subversion from around the world.
October 29: As an answer to the World Intellectual Property Organization's self-serving essay contest, WIPOUT is having their own counter-essay contest.
October 28, 2001: A quite worthwhile organization, the Center for the Public Domain is sponsoring the Conference on the Public Domain November 9-11 at Duke University in North Carolina.
October 19, 2001: art work by Damien Hurst mistaken for trash.
September 7, 2001: The excellent project takes the famous appropriation artist one step further.
August 23: Brazil decides to break a patent on an AIDS drug.
August 20: A good account of Barbie artist Tom Forsythe's victory over Mattel.
August 19: Check out the anti-DMCA website
August 13: Some nice media collages by marc garrett.
August 7, 2001: Order some free Australian rubbish!
July 31: DMCA infringement keeps Russian programmer in U.S. jail.
July 27: The culture industry puts pressure on ISPs to stop file sharing.
July 25:   The fascists in Austria appropriate Nike.
July 4, 2001: An excellent short article about the history of copyright.
June 23, 2001: the amazing story of Karma-Cola, an intellectual property battle of epic implications.
June 11: The International Museum of Collage is brimming with great recycled culture.
June 6: The UK is planning to indoctrinate its children about intellectual property.
June 1: Leonardo Lawsuit Victory!
May 31, 2001: James Boyle, of Duke Law School, has written an excellent paper on the Politics of Intellectual Property.
May 26: Appeals court lifts ban on "Wind Done Gone"
May 12: is a great way to collaborate with others on long-distance sampleloop jam sessions.
May 10: Filepile is a great tool for online collaboration and media recycling. download, remix, upload, repeat...
April 27: In Salon : Is the RIAA Running Scared?
April 23: The Princeton paper about how to defeat SDMI copy protection has leaked. We've copied it for safe keeping.
April 21: A retelling of "Gone with the Wind" from slaves' point of view has been blocked by a federal judge.
April 20: Jon Katz reviews Jessica Litman's new book, Digital Copyright.
April 13: It's now very easy to donate to
April 11: court rules against Mattel's request for preliminary injunction against Barbie artist Tom Forsythe.
April 5, 2001: The EFF reports that copy protection for hard drives has been averted, at least for now...
March 27: new copy protection schemes for compact discs
March 22: The music industry's "secret weapon" against copyright infringement.
March 21: copyright hypocrisy from the music industry.
March 20: An audio example of the dark future of copyright, courtesy of Radio Luchalibre.
March 17, 2001: Important story from the Economist about intellectual property and AIDS drugs for the 3rd world. More information about the issue is at which by the way has a great logo (copy=right).
March 16:A live internet event in collaboration with People Like Us.
February 7:Will libraries have to start charging to share books?

January 27:Tag a web page at Sketchzilla.
November 4, 2000:John Oswald's Mystery Tapes online at
July 27:Against Intellectual Property, by Brian Martin.
July 19:An excellent article about the pros and cons of digital music sharing, from the L.A. Weekly.
March 1, 2000:: Leonardo Art Network versus Leonardo Finance: another internet domain trademark squabble.
February 15:: The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat has shut down a fan website dedicated to the artist.
January 30: CBS threatens the Evolution Control Committee for sampling Dan Rather on the ECC's 'Rocked by Rape' single.
January 24: Etoys drops trademark lawsuit against Etoy, agreeing to pay all court costs. Victory for net artists and the internet community!
January 7, 2000: An excellent story about the Tape-beatles, in Iowa City's weekly arts paper, Icon.
December 13: After much legal wrangling, a retelling of Nabokov's Lolita has finally been published.
November 30: A new release from Illegal Art.
October 14, 1999: Don Henley thinks he's the only Don Henley.
August 15: A brilliant new project sponsored by Rtmark, Microsoftedu, is being threatened by Microsoft lawyers.
July 1: The latest on the Yahoo copyright grab. - original wired news report, june 28.
June 23: Dupont harrasses
March 23, 1999:An Article about Intellectual Property at
September 1, 1998:National Public Radio story about Negativland and the RIAA (realaudio)
August 17, 1998: DO WE REALLY HAVE TO SUE THE RIAA????
A Negativland Press release about the latest attempts at corporate control of culture.
April 7, 1998: Copyright Protection or Property Perversion?
Wired News article about new copyright bill.
January 21, 1998: Court Rules Against Net Music sites.
December 17, 1997: New Copyright Law
November 27, 1997: Story in MTV Online about
November 20, 1997: Story about in Wired News.
The Federal Trademark Dilution Act

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