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Film and Video
Documentaries, Motion Pictures, short films, and other moving images.

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Film and Video
Can Dialectics Break Bricks?
The self-described "first wholly-detourned film". An old black and white Kung Fu movie overdubbed by French situationists with political and philosophical theory. The sword-wielding Bureacrats get trounced in the end by the powerful kung-fu of the Proletariate. Lots of hilarious self-referential commentary along with tons of allusions to everything from Foucault to Bakunin. Highly recommended.
What's Up, Tiger Lily?
Hilarious film by Woody Allen in which he redubbed the entire soundtrack of a cheesy Japanese spy thriller. There are funnier movies to see, but the fact that it's probably the first (or only?) relatively mainstream film that employed this technique is noteworthy. Featuring music by The Lovin' Spoonful!
Craig Baldwin
Sonic Outlaws, Craig Baldwin's amazing avant-documentary on Negativland's U2 story, also includes interviews with John Oswald, the Tape-beatles, Barbie Liberation Front, EBN, and others. His newest work, Spectres of the Spectrum, is a full-length collage narrative about a near-future plot to bulk-erase the minds of all humans on earth. The film is full of all sorts of vintage 50s and 60s science and industry educational footage, cheesy science fiction clips, along with some original footage Baldwin shot to hold together the story, featuring colleagues and media commentators like Phil Patiris and Jesse Drew. An excellent excellent film. Baldwin's earlier videos Tribulation 99 and O Coronado! are classic collage works.
Pat O'Neill
Pat's work over the last 20 years or so has featured found and altered footage collaged together with a variety of techniques. A great example of recontextualization of moving images and sounds.
Hollywood Archeaology
Lowell Darling's longterm project that has taken many forms. It consists of discarded and damaged film footage found in the dumpsters of Hollywood studios. Darling has presented this material in various ways, but most recently he edited some of it together into a film. He also blows up individual frames into large (4' x 4' or so) color prints.
Emergency Broadcast Network
In their own words, a group that does "hypercollage videomusic". I place them in this section because i see them primarily innovating in the video medium. Incredible resyncronized and recontextualized mass media, featuring various celebrities and politicians. Be careful, may produce seizures...
Predictions of Fire, Michael Benson
A documentary about NSK (New Slovenian Arts), a collective that includes the band Laibach and the visual artists IRWIN. NSK appropriates history, ideology, and politics in the service of their pointed aesthetic goals.
Martha Colburn
A Filmmaker from Baltimore, Colburn uses collaged found footage and animation to create a noisy assaultive barrage on super8 film, commenting on advertisting, consumerism, and more. She also plays in a band called The Dramatics for which she makes handmade collage album covers, and collaborates with Jad Fair of Half Japanese.
Subtle video manipulation, both hilarious and eerie.
Uncut, John Greyson
An amazing and bizarre film about copyright infringement, circumcision, and Pierre Trudeau. Includes interviews with John Oswald and other artists who have had trouble with copyright law. Highly recommended.
Adam Chao
Amazing rapidfire cut-up video with noise. Appears weekly on New York City's public access TV station with the program "Madame Chao's Revenge".

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