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The Net
Resources found on the web and the rest of the internet. These may be reference materials, academic study, or actual works of art that reside online.

Have a link or reference to suggest? (add something new, or if you think you can describe something better than how it is done here, write a new blurb and send it in.)

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"The" Copyright Website
Lots and lots of general and practical information. Its hard to tell what their stance is, but there's lots of useful reference material.
Copyright Clearance Center Online
They're an official and legal organization, but there's a wealth of background information and references here.
An organization dedicated to the free use of audio samples in music.
Extensive material on Situationism.
A huge repository of electronic art, and the home of several recombinant collaborative online art projects, such as the Hygrid and Gridcosm.
The Static Output
Lloyd Dunn's umbrella for zines, the Tape-beatles, Public Works, etc.
The Mofo Outreach Ministries Copyright Violation Squad
Distributors of rare copyright violating works, in addition to more questionable (in our view) product such as bootlegs.
UWI Anticopyright Policy
Underworld Industries has the right attitude.
Putrid Afterthought
A digital artist who proudly appropriates.
The official site to find information about John Oswald and his activities, as well as extensive notes on the ill-fated Plunderphonic disc, and more.
The Plagiarist Codex
Built by Miekal And for the 1987 Festival of Plagerism (sic).
The Information Supercollider
Pieces of the WWW, smashed together, really fast. Interestingly, the programmer that made this cares enough about copyright that his software discards copyrighted material.
The Multicultural Recycler
Grab web cam images from around the infobahn and randomly composite them. hours of fun!!
VirComm anticopyright policy
An online experiment conducted by Entity, an art organization at University of Michigan.
Intellectual property, PHILOSOPHY and art
A thesis project by philosphy doctoral student Elizabeth Burns Coleman.
Ram Samudrala's Free Music Philosophy
Some extensive writings on the matter of music, creativity, and intellectual property. Also see his page on the ethics of intellectual property.
rtmark helps fund the intelligent sabotage of mass-produced items. While not directly concerned with copyright or appropriation, we suggest their site as possibly resonant in spirit with our own. Check out their list of projects and perhaps they'll fund your next act of cultural recycling.
The Free Music Archive
Large collection of uncopyrighted music.
Cut and Paste Theater
Textual poaching.
Abrupt Culture Jamming
An incredible site full of lots of visual detournment and inspiring resources. The cereal boxes are especially interesting...
Jack Wagner's Stereophonic Tour of Los Angeles
A very well-written thesis concerning recycled sound, recycled technology.
Dune Musical Industry of Sound Processing
dedictated to independant electronic music. Includes the magazine Chain DLK. A bit conentrated on Industrial music, but they are anticopyright.
Malice Inside gets a letter from Intel.

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"[A]rt is long, not infinite... One day we will use it up - unless we
		can learn to recycle it like any other finite resource."
		- Spider Robinson, "Melancholy Elephants"

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